usagiwaffles asked:

I was wondering where you guys get the leather you use in your products. Do you think you could share some information on that?

Lots of places! Tandy Leather sells leather, we get a lot of our leather from auctions and vendors that sell exclusively to wholesale accounts. I know some people sell leather on etsy and eBay! We also sell scrap at some of our Renaissance Faires (not all of them, like 3 of them). Hope that helps!

dysprosiumoxide asked:

Are you planning on being at Youmacon this year? I've been saving my pennies for a corset, and maybe some cuffs? Lol

We will be at Youmacon! I cannot guarantee corsets as we are in between suppliers right now but we will have bodices and cuffs for sure! If you’re close enough to Toledo, OH we are doing an open house/sale at our shop Black Friday weekend and the weekend after!

mannwich asked:

I remember your booth back at Ohayocon sold cat o' nine tails/whips. Do you have any plans to sell them on your etsy?

No, I’m sorry. We only sell those in person. We will have them at Ohio Ren Faire and the Michigan Ren Faire as far as I know! We generally have them at most, if not all of our shows unless we are completely out of them!




I make the pouches (without the bottles) and the place I work does the rest! Put it all together and it looks pretty cool!

This whole shebang costs….. approx $355

Check out what Dan did with our suspenders, a belt, an alchemy kit and his ammo pouches! :)