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STOP THIEF! Help us please?

Hello lovely Tumblr fans, we have some rather sad news to bring you. Yesterday during our set up for Sakura-Con someone walked off with an entire tote of our stock. We’re asking anyone in Seattle or here on Tumblr to please help us keep a watchful eye for anyone trying unload our products in a hurry. The items in questions include goggles, ammo pouches, harnesses, nerf maverick holsters, spy glasses, feast and thieves kits, and some other pieces. If you have any information regarding this crime please contact us immediately. If the information can lead us to the items and/or an arrest something shiny might be in store for whoever helps us out.

We are a small business. All of those items I listed above are valuable to us in more than one way. We craft almost everything we sell. There are only a few items we wholesale, even then they are handcrafted. Each product is irreplaceable to us as they are a singular piece of art that we produce with great care. Our work means a lot to us and it is a shame something like this has happened. Please, we implore you to help us out if you can. Thank you very much for your patronage and supporting us through out the years.

In the mean time, back to work! We will be scouring the internet as much as possible but we can’t be everywhere at once which is the reason we’re asking for your help! And now I’m off to create more lovely products to replace the ones some heartless thief absconded with!

Jessica and the crew of Crimson Chain Leatherworks

Looking to spice up your love life just in time for Valentine’s Day? Or maybe just looking for some spectacular leather bondage cuffs? We can absolutely help you with that! All of these are made in our workshop in Toledo, OH. You can either find us at most conventions OR you can find them on our Etsy store!

strongholdleather asked:

Yeah, we (and our sister company Dark Cloud) have been making them for over a decade. We can always tell which one they copied too, since my boss made several improvements to the original design, and it's honestly kind of funny at this point.

Leatherwork is such a weird place. Everyone is always copying everyone else and trying to one up each other. I’ve only been working for this company a few years and I’ve experienced that. Its much like camelot, a very silly place ;]

My sincere apologies again. This debacle is entirely my fault.

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